Thursday, November 8, 2012


Martha and I did a lot of walking  in Paris. On those walks we passed many patisseries with their delicious treats. 

Martha snapped this picture of me doing some serious decision making, picking out some pastries to serve that morning as we met new friends and shared some art over brunch.
Almost as prevalent were the libraries! What a treat to wander into these well stocked book shops, found in nearly every neighborhood.

Martha snapped this picture of the book shop assistant translating the children's book,
Rikimini, for me.

What caught my eye about the book was the snowy landscape on the cover. I collect 'snowy' children's books.

But I wondered why is the little boy carrying a saw? So I asked for a translation. In the story, he had no friends, so he sawed twigs off a tree to create imaginary friends.  

That was an OK answer. So I did buy Rikimini

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