Thursday, May 30, 2013


We packed so much into each class. Marcia taught her Ruth book the second day. Look at how the women are leaning forward. They were engaged!  

Her accordion book is filled with collages that flow across the pages, telling the Bible story in pictures. The people in the pictures are dressed in Africa fabrics. 

The women loved it!  It was pretty exciting when one of the women came up to Marcia after the class, totally inspired to try making a collaged Bible story book. Marcia gave her a blank accordion book so she could begin. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013


After the successful first day of the women's class, I was invited to give a short invite to the women who did not come to the class at the evening meeting.  

The meeting was filled with women and men. I showed my story rope, simply explaining what it was and that all the women in class made one that morning. If they missed the class, in the morning they could make one too. 
The room was filled the next day! 

Marge showing SR at evening meeting 
Charise sharing her story rope.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON Quick Feedback On First Class!

After the 1st class we received quick feedback.  The women loved the class and they couldn't wait for the next class in the morning!  They were so happy! 

We were told that they had heard they'd be doing art in the class, so had come to the conclusion that it would be childish and did not want to come - but they did. 

Were they surprised! Their reaction to the class was on their faces as they asked to have photos taken with us. 

Click here for the Creative Story Blog to see what was happening in our classes.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON Speaking of Clothes

I love the African dresses and the African women wearing them!  More about the women in coming posts.
My dress?...from my time working in Rwanda. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We met a lot of interesting people but St. Augustine definitely wins the prize in the colorful personality category.

Yes, his name IS St. Augustine. He's from Jos, Nigeria.  He's a flamboyant performer, a deliverance preacher.  One of a kind. He was fun and he expected nothing from us.  Refreshing!

His clothes were something to behold! Especially this flashy suit. Wish I had a movie. It shimmered and sparkled as he moved.

Below: Kimmy and Cristina checking out his suit! Note the bright purple shirt with the collar.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Meet our team of 5 coming together from opposite coasts of the US to teach Cameroonian women.  Each brought special background, experience and purpose to the group. God certainly formed our team.   click photo to enlarge

Kimmy (on left), a high school senior (Seattle), came specifically to photograph and video the art classes and general experience, putting it together for her senior class project.

Next is me/Marge, team leader, holding the position loosely, always open to on-the-spot ideas.  I did some teaching but also interacted with the Cameroonian leadership. 

There is Marcia (Seattle), who I asked to take the lead on teaching.  She has developed wonderful, creative Bible story books and teaching tools and has much cross-cultural experience using art since I began mentoring her 2 years ago. 

Charise (Seattle) is being mentored in using art cross-culturally by Marcia. Charise is also a specialized nurse.  She taught how to create the story rope and cross-collage projects.

Cristina on right (NY) came to translate and facilitate exchanges and discussions between us and the French speakers. Cristina came with a wealth of Cameroon cultural experience having just spent 2 years there working in the US Peace Corp. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON Catholic Retreat Center

Our team stayed at a Catholic retreat center in Yaounde. Much
of our time in off hours was spent on this wonderful 3rd floor veranda.  It was a great place for soul time - filled with joy and laughter but sometimes great emotion and frustration.
• view from the veranda
• Marcia teaching-Cristina standing
link: Our Stories: Cameroon Story Ropes 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Our first night in Cameroon was spent in Douala.  Here we are at breakfast w/7 of our team and our hosts.  

There's Charise, Marcia and Kimmy. Cristina, our 8th team member would be meeting us in Youande.

It was a four+ hour drive up to Youande.  We were thankful to arrive safely.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON Beginning the Journey

Marcia and I took her mentoring on the road this year. So instead of her coming to my studio, like we've done for the past 2 years, (link) we took our art supplies on the road, heading for Douala, Cameroon. 

I joked with Marcia that this was her final exam. That really is a joke. Marcia is an accomplished artist, has multiplied everything I've taught her, and has used it around the world.  She gets 'essence' ! 

On this trip I asked her to lead the teaching, especially with her collaged story books.  I love stepping back and seeing my students excell!  More about the trip as I blog here and on the creative storying blog.

•Marcia and I meeting @ Charles de Gaulle, Paris.