Sunday, September 15, 2013

Meeting Sally Lloyd-Jones

Sally Lloyd-Jones has written the best ever Bible story book for children on the market!  Well that's my opinion and I think the sales reflect it! The Jesus Storybook Bible just passed the 1,000,000 copies sold mark!

I drove down to Greenwich, CT this week where I had the pleasure of meeting Sally Lloyd-Jones and heard her  speak on 'Communicating Grace Through Story,'

Her 10 big ideas - A story...
• works secretly in silence 
• leaves room for mystery 
• takes children seriously 
• does not dumb down 
• uses rich language 
• tells the truth - takes fears seriously 
• not necessarily real but contains truth 
• opens the door to hope 
• does not argue 
• is a performance

Her talk was rich - peppered with stories, experiences, wisdom and readings from her books.

top: @Stanwich Church, Greenwich, CT with a page from her book projected on the screen as she reads the story 
lower: Marge and Sally Lloyd-Jones