Friday, April 30, 2010

Nantucket Color

Here's a small Kolo journal I took to Nantucket last year. Unpacking painted papers, glossy pictures, fabric scraps, glue sticks, scissors & cutting mat, I set up my 'studio' on a table by a big window. On 2 pages I created this street of brilliantly colored architecture.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Planning for Rwanda

Yesterday Kathie Beattie & I met with Becca Smith, visiting from Rwanda. Kathie & I will be going to Rwanda in Sept. where the 3 of us will work together under the banner of World Relief.
Over lunch we began filling in the 2 wk. schedule with genocide survivor workshops; quality time/art with World Relief staff women; leading creative retreat for NGO women; visits to Amani & Cards From Africa.
I'll be doing art & Kathie, photography. More in upcoming posts.
(top)The women at Amani made this beautiful quilt as a gift for Kathie. Becca holding her adopted Rwandan son, Iranzi.
(lower) At Amani in Rwanda, sewing from dawn to dusk, making a living for their families.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Color lives at our house ! Just completed this runner for our cherry table. It's sort of a loose log cabin design, machine assembled & quilted, created with Marimekko fabrics from Finland.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I''ve been hard at work putting STATIONS* on my website. Besides the artwork, I've included pics of the installation and opening. A hearty big thanks to Darin White, our photographer & curator. Darin took most of these photos. And thankful applause to Philip and Anh Sawyer for organizing this amazing exhibit and for shooting some of the photos also on the web. Darin, Philip and Anh are pictured throughout.

Do take a look and share the site!

*STATIONS is the 15 Stations of the Cross, as seen through the eyes of 16 contemporary American artists and expressed through their various disciplines and media. Location: Genesis, in PARIS, Easter April 2-3, 2010. My piece: Station 11, Jesus Nailed to the Cross, an accordion fold book of cross collages.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Happens When We Meet

Pat Butler describes what happens when we three art friends* meet:

Eruptions, explosions, synergism, complicity, like-minded souls, laughter, brainstorms, inspiration, creativity, white space of unbounded time, zero judgment, mutual encouragement to press into the growing edges of our ideas, our creativity, our faith, meals together on the warm reds of Marge’s handmade tablecloths or on the deck, meals as eclectic as corn on the cob, taco soup or paella, freedom to create together, uncaged, unleashed…investigating blogspots, books, websites…taking notes, taking notes, taking notes…photographing EVERYTHING…a three-fold cord is not quickly broken…the whole greater than the sum of its parts…the birthing of ideas, new mediums…

Currently the 3 of us are exhibiting our artwork in PORTS OF COLOR, at the Shalom Cafe, Bloomfield, CT.

PHOTO *Martha Campbell, Pat Butler in center, & Marge hanging out in the studio.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hanging Out In The Studio

Been off the blog for a bit. After the two art exhibits, STATIONS* & PORTS OF COLOR**, I've been in regrouping mode - today cleaning out & reorganizing my studio.

Following opening night of our art exhibit, PORTS OF COLOR*, Martha Campbell and Pat Butler came over for the weekend. We spent time hanging out in the studio, basking in the memories of the previous evening, evaluating PORTS, & dreaming about our next show.

Here's Martha and I sharing a hilarious moment about who knows what !
*STATIONS, Genesis, Paris, France exhibited Easter weekend, April 2-3, 2010.
**PORTS OF COLOR, Shalom Cafe, Bloomfield, CT on thru mid-June 2010.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Amazing Gallery Space

Installation of Stations* of the Cross began midweek at Genesis Gallery, Paris. Anh w/daughter, Lena, who just flew in from Italy!

Our friends and Stations organizers, Anh & Philip Sawyer, in Paris. They recently relocated to Providence, RI. How great it will be to have them living just 3-4 hrs away from us in CT!

Setting looks like catacombs of the early church. What an amazing space for this exhibit.

Unpacked artwork on tables & along wall. Anh on left.

Thanks to Stations artist, Darin M. White for taking us there w/these great pics.

Photos of Stations, at Genesis in Paris coming-working on it.
*STATIONS, Genesis, Paris, France exhibited Easter weekend, April 2-3, 2010.