Thursday, November 15, 2012


When not out and about, Martha and I spent a lot of time at our friends' home, meeting women from their communities, sharing art and of course eating tasty French treats! 

This brings us to continuing yesterday's post. 

Our new friends arrived for brunch. They had not met each other before this morning and enjoyed discovering what they had in common as we had coffee and croisants. 
I brought a variety of artwork to share and pulled out what seemed of interest to this group. The young moms, I thought, would be interested in the books I made with my grandson, Zach. I shared 2, Kittykee and Kittykee's Party(click link)  photo above

The books were passed around and prompted interested conversation.

Zach's books in France! 7 years old and his books have gone international! 
Another piece was All-Tout(click link) an accordion book. It was exhibited at an invitational exhibit in Paris, titled Stations(click link) 

As they were leaving they asked if they could do this again. A great ending. No actually a great beginning!  above-holding book; right: All-Tout unfolded

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