Saturday, November 17, 2012


I mean really! They do! We do! What do they say? One man's junk is another man's treasure?!  Let's change that to 'woman's' !

My friend, Martha, is an expert in this area. Case in point. After the brunch, our friends gave us directions to a nearby market.  

After tracking down a couple narrow streets, we found it. Not big market but a noisy one!

The venders were loudly hawking their produce before closing time. 

What is that - beneath the table of veggies?  Martha spots a very cool empty crate!  But they might be using it after closing. Better leave it, I said.

Then I spotted a pile of garbage - discarded broken up crates and spoiled vegetables. Maybe a crate for Martha in the pile! We picked through the pile alongside a couple poor souls looking for free food. 
YES!  Found one! Photo-Martha & her treasures.

Oh look over there! An even higher pile of garbage, more crates, more spoiled vegetables!

As we dug around with the locals, who should appear, finding us picking through the garbage but our friend, Al!  Photo on right

Totally rolling with the scene, he hurriedly told us that another group of friends were coming over to the apartment tonight to meet us. Could we be there at 8pm? Dessert and art!
YES! We were hoping this group would come!

He took our crates back to his place and we were off to the metro and the center of Paris.


  1. What did she do with them?? I have this junk grab urge all the time, but I firmly say "NO!" to Kirsten.

    1. I asked her. I'll let you know. We both liked the crate ends-volorful pictures of grape vineyards and oranges as I recall. My crate end piece did not fit into my suitcase so I didn't take it back with me.