Saturday, July 30, 2011


My new friends seem like old friends. I first got to know them through STATIONS, an invitational art exhibit in Paris. I wasn't able to be at the opening but they attended & turned up in this photo looking at my piece "TOUT" "ALL".

We've been building a friendship on FB, blogs and emails for over a year now. Today we finally met in person & did what we've been planning for months...creating in the studio...the whole family !

While cutting, pasting, & rubber-stamping we talked about their experiences in Paris & I shared some of the art I've done cross-culturally. Time slipped by so quickly. So much more to share and create. It ended too soon.

After lunch, I sent them off with my postcards and big hugs. Once again I feel so rich having all these wonderful relationships being built through art.

Tomorrow I'll post their finished pieces.


  1. Thanks Marge. We ALL enjoyed getting to create @ your place.

  2. My pleasure to have you all! A first-a whole family creating up there! Hope we can get together to create again sometime!