Friday, July 8, 2011


The Bible story of Rahab is told through 4 houses on top of the wall. They are the same house but represent 4 scenes in the story. We jump into the story with Joshua sending 2 spies to enter the walled city of Jericho which he plans to take.

Scene 1: Rahab is a prostitute who lives in a house on the wall. She invites the spies to lodge the night. Joshua 2:1
Scene 2: Men in the city come looking for the spies, having heard they are at Rahab's house. But she hides the spies on the roof under the hay & tells the men, they (the spies) were there earlier but left the city. Joshua 2:2-7
Scene 3: The spies escape down a rope from her window and promise Rahab that she and her whole family will be saved if she identifies her house with a red cord hanging from her window.
Joshua 2:8-18
Scene 4: When Joshua attacks Jericho, the red cord is hanging from her window. She and her family are saved and the city is burned. Joshua 6:24

Why did I make this quilt? I know there's a reason. To be continued, I'm sure.
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