Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I created The Flood quilt in the '90's - Genesis account of the great flood. Designed in my head before sketching - ark to go across the whole quilt - picture the story progression in sections through & around this big boat. Click on quilt to enlarge.

1. Judgement from God on all people but Noah & family
2. Noah obediently builds ark
3. animals to ark
4. God shuts door/rain starts/people swept away
5. safety aboard/rain stops/great wind/water recedes
6. bird to find dry land
7. all leave ark/Noah gives thanks/God sets rainbow-promising never to flood entire earth again.

The Flood in invitational exhibit of Narrative Quilts @Yeshiva University Museum in NYC. What fun to be at the opening, watching people excitedly discovering all there is to see in this piece. Quilt in private collection.

•Filling order for giclee - adding rainbow with colored pencil.

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