Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have to see this! How are they going to find my book on this wall of 10,000 sketchbooks !?

Ahh they have a system. I figured it out. They are organized!

My book's theme is A record year of rainfall. So the theme, beginning with the letter A put my book somewhere in the first bay of shelves.

After finding books of the same theme, the Art House gal looked for mine, alphabetized by artists names.

Note the rope in front of the bookshelves. Only the Art House staff takes the books off the shelves.

I have to admit that I was so excited about seeing my book, RAIN, pulled off the shelves! It really was at the Brooklyn Art Library ! And there I am holding it!

I headed for a table, sat down & upon opening it, found the glued-on pocket on the inside cover with my bio, as promised.

This is such fun to be a part of. Maybe I'll do it again! Oh - I'm wearing the blue sticker identifying me as a sketchbook artist participant.

more to come...


  1. thanks Marcia! I've enjoyed sharing the experience!

  2. How fun to read, and see pictures, of this process! Hoping my daughter, who lives in Brooklyn, will participate next year. She did a photo scavanger hunt a few weeks ago with the BAL and enjoyed it very much. We'll be back late Sunday. Always look forward to getting home. No snow please!

  3. I like knowing that no one goes behind the books except for the librarian. that keeps the books safer and there's less danger of them being trashed by hands pawing through them.
    Seeing that long long wall of sketchbooks is amazing. To think that our work is a part of this huge collection. I hope the work is recognized in some major way.

  4. If they didn't moniter it-it would be a big mixed up mess!