Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So said the sign on the door when Nelson & I stopped by the Brooklyn Art Library on Sunday evening. The mob scene had dwindled to just a few people. Great time to see the sketchbooks! There it was, a wall of 10,000 sketchbooks. Somewhere on those shelves was mine & sketchbooks by my friends, Pat, Kathy & Jo! We all participared in The Sketchbook Project 2011.

First stop inside the door was the Library Card desk. I had mine already. They sent it along with the blank sketchbook some
months ago when I joined the challenge. Being a participating artist I was asked to sign the ledger & given a sticker to wear, identifying me as one of the Sketchbook artists. Nice touch.

Next stop was the Checkout desk. (that's me in photo) I was pretty impressed with how organized everything was! They could find a specific book in their IMac's without any trouble at all. They scanned my library card & keyed in the info I gave them.

A printout of my book & one other one, popped out of a machine & was picked up by another staffer at who went in search of the book(s). You could take out 2x at once but only on the same theme.

When I finished looking at the sketchbook(s) I returned them to the Check-In desk, where they were scanned back in.

Story to be continued.


  1. What an exciting evening! Imagine it being repeated 10,000 times if each artist does make the journey to "check it out" (a little library humor). Sounds like the library staff is well-prepared to handle it. Kudos all around!

  2. Thanks Marie-love the pun! Yes I was so impressed with how organized these 20-30 somethings were! More on their organizing next post.