Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Waiting for Fed-X to deliver ILife '11 which has the updated IPhoto'11.

Meanwhile I spent this morning at the Apple Store working on a personal project. Great idea-you work on your own Mac project for 2 hours and a trainer is available to help. My project: moving images/photos from my Finder into IPhoto.

Last week I did a Personal Project learning how to create an Apple Book. Here's the cover I designed for practice. My painting on cover.


  1. I'll be interested in knowing how you like iLife 11. I have the earlier version and do like iPhoto but sorting my pictures in iPhoto is really different from what I've always used on my PC.
    I have a MAC-published book that an artist friend did of her work and it's absolutely first quality. I bought mine from her and then wondered why she didn't use Blurb so it would be easy for other people to buy their own copies from the online store. She gives a copy of her book to each gallery where she sells her baskets.

  2. Let you know how it goes. Yes I've considered Blurb. I like that you can get a small square book. For now it's great to get a handle on IPhoto at the store where they help you along. I'll go tomorrow & I'm signed up for next Tuesday too. My 1 to 1 runs out in April. Fall was so busy-I'm making up for it now.

  3. I've used One to One for individual help but not for the project aspect so I suppose I should do that while I still can. I think my membership is up this month sometime.

  4. I did 3 individual 1 to 1's. I like this sooooo much better. You get their help but then you get have the time to practice w/out them hovering over you. They circle around to help the 4 people at the table. It's 2 hours long.