Saturday, April 26, 2014

Little Boats Paris: ABANDONING SHIP!

When I'm posting the process you are going to see what does not work. I was pretty unhappy with what was happening here-it went from loose to tight. Not what I had in mind. 

I decided to abandon ship and sail on. 

Be minimal, simplify and play!

So the small quilt went into the closet and moved the fabric scraps to the side.  

Out came the painted paper scraps onto the side table. I have given so many painted papers away, the assortment is way down. They're in France and Turkey and currently on their way to Greece

I brought out a Kolo journal and started. First little boat below. It's a process. The design shape will morph and change over the pages.


  1. I'm so glad you're doing something creative with these extraordinary little boats. I want to return to Paris just to see them in situ.

    1. Jo, a huge thank you for commenting-that really spurs me on to continue creating these little boats. I was so fascinated with them when we finally got to see them in person.