Saturday, January 12, 2013


Today reinforced for me the importance of teaching the story rope in Peru.  Yes, there are other important topics we're prepared to cover but the story rope remains at the top of the list. God uses this simple hands on process, to open tightly locked doors of the heart.   

Friends came to learn how to make story ropes today. Each made their colorful timeline, beautifully and creatively put together, storying both deep pain and great joy.  REAL LIFE. 

As they worked, I observed how a better variety of materials improved the process and outcomes of their ropes.  It was fascinating to hear why they chose a particular patterned ribbon or a shiny metal button.  What a difference with great materials!

Choose a good variety of ribbons:  different widths, colors, patterns, textures, transparent, solids etc.

Choose interesting buttons and beads: colors, shapes, metal, plastic, wood etc.and needles and threads for sewing the them on.
• today in studio
• end of day remnants
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