Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I would say - we are having way too much fun here. I'm falling behind on the blogging but figuring I have weeks to tell you all about our time - hanging out & doing art.

Photos of the 3 artists taken in the great room on Sunday, around a lunch of classic cheese fondue.

Pat, entered the scene on Saturday with piles of creative writing & art books to share. Before we started dipping the bread cubes into melted Gruyere and Emmentaler, she treated us to a reading from The Artist's Way Everyday by Julia Cameron.

Ustairs in the studio, Martha was surrounded by a sea of red painted papers but downstairs she resumed her role as photographer. She stepped away from the dinner table a moment to take some photos she used in her 'short' about us -
STUDIO VIDEO found in right side column.

There's Marcia, always with a ready-to-go radiant smile. Though we only met in person several days before, we were already knee deep in a rich friendship formed over FB and blogging. I'm spending hours in the studio with her, downloading everything I've ever learned about taking art cross-culturally. She heads back to Nicaragua a few days after leaving here.

So there we are - the 4 creatives - happy, satisfied & filled to the brim with artmaking memories. Our 24 hours together as a 4-some came to a close when Martha had to leave for home and the work week ahead. Bummer! Marth, we miss you!!!

Marcia blogs-Story Ropes. click: Monday in the studio.
Marcia blogs-Making Art Books/Telling My Story. click: Tuesday in the studio.


  1. I am so happy for you all - sounds like a meeting of kindred spirits!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Karen. We are kindred spirits indeed and having such a good time-hardly time to bog!