Friday, March 25, 2011


On thursday, Marcia flew in from Seattle, Washington for a week.

She spent a good part of the last 1/2 yr teaching art in Morocco & recently time in Nicaragua doing the same.

Our place is the next stop on her journey.

She comes to learn what I and other visual artists have done when traveling with their art to other parts of the world, working along side of faithbased NGO's.

She wants most of all to use:

her passion for art
& her 'story'

as she comes along side & encourages women & children overseas.

That is what we are keeping in mind, brainstorming along the way, & working toward. For a week we'll be looking at & doing art together - learning new methods, materials & formats that she can use on the journey ahead.

First project, still in progress, an accordion book of crosses.

Marcia is also blogging about her time here. different point of view & photos. Do take a look at her blog, Moroccan Art Adventure. Click here for her blog entry.

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