Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sketchbook Project 2011
a record year of rainfall

Worked in morning and late afternoon. What a difference the morning natural light makes-cool and clear. Pages on the way to completion. Fixing and adding: stamping, polymer varnish, fabric scraps & reinforcing pgs. Using clothespins to keep the pgs apart while drying.

Art friend, Jo Reimer, in Oregon is doing the Sketchbook Project too. Different theme and different approach. Click & see!


  1. Found my way here from Jo. Love the last page, is it water colours? It's beautiful, I want to have a closer look! :-)

  2. Well thank you for writing! The lower photo on the post:
    that's the 2 pg spread that will say 'flooded'. At the top is an ocean photo & the rest of the page is painted fabric. I'll be adding more to this spread. Stay tuned I'll be working on the book alot today. (I hope!)

  3. ps-I will be scanning, then posting all the pages once completed.