Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sketchbook Project 2011
a record year for rainfall

Continued tweeking the pages to completion. Still a work in progress. Every page is fIlled with exception of first page/both sides-saving for title/introduction & final back page. (Bottom photo) Problem solving the tearing of the perforated pages by reinforcing with addtional fabric used in the collage-both sides of tear.


  1. this is looking SO good. It'll be such fun for the reader to look through and read. Good solution to the perforated pages. Isn't it strange that the second half of the book has them? I glued mine together without regard to the perforations so I guess I'd better go back in and make sure they're secure.

  2. thank you Jo-always good to get your comments. Sat with a friend today-pondering how to do the final page.