Saturday, September 4, 2010


Set aside the Sketchbook Project 2011.
Organizing for hanging Ports of Color at the Windows Cafe @Walnut Hill, Bethel, CT w/art by Pat Butler, Martha Campbell & myself. Framing in progress floating Pat's lino prints, Veiled Eyes, inspired by wrought iron window grillwork in the Mediterranean's Gilbraltar area.

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  1. In Pat's own words: In a landscape as barren spiritually as it was materially, two striking examples of the Imago Dei flourished: the windows and the veils of the women. The windows were covered, as with their own veils, with beautifully wrought iron works, displaying stunning diversity, creativity, and imagination, and testifying to the irrepressible creativity of the human spirit. They compelled me to stop, sketch, photograph, and finally carve a series of linocuts that made their way into collages and prints, cards and bookmarks.
    about an hour ago