Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ports of Color @ Windows Cafe My Jeep is packed with art, graphics & tool box. Two friends will meet me at Walnut Hill at 9am tomorrow to hang the show.
Pictured below are my 4 pieces inspired by the dye vats of North Africa. The originals are being framed for their new owners. These are actually giclee prints of the originals. The quality of these giclees never fail to amaze me! The original gouache Painted Dye Vats was painted on a gessoed brown paper bag. The giclee print of Painted Dye Vats (at right) challenges reality!
I love this piece. Maybe I am a painter after all!


  1. I like these pieces so much! The borders around the two smaller pieces is a stroke of genius. I love borders. No doubt about it, you ARE a painter. Do more.