Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sketchbook Project 2011
a record year of rainfall

The story of all the rain is summed up on this page. Added the sun considering it had never ever rained. Fitting words on page was a challenge. Worked on spacing w/stamped words on scrap paper. Then printed on the painted paper.

I always use fabric screen printing ink for better images.


  1. With one photo you taught me 2 valuable things: using fabric printing ink for stamping (what brand?), and to print the letters on the SIDE of each stamp. Well Duh! as my grandkids would say. Thank you.

  2. Hi Jo-that's Speedball Screen Printing ink (Veratex too watery). I started using it yrs. when putting the stamps on my quilts-had to be made for fabric, waterproof (heat-set) and nice dark image. Cut your own dispossible pad out of white felt-2 small stacked pieces. With plastic knife I smear the ink on-working it into the pad. Then print away. Yes I wrote the letters on the stamps :-) You are welcome! I'm enjoying your ideas too!

  3. 'disposible' 1 s :-)
    I should do a post on the stamping.