Friday, September 3, 2010


Sketchbook Project 2011
a record year of rainfall

Did not work today on sketchbook. Carried it along to share with a friend. Still keeping freezer paper between the pages when I have to close the book. It's pretty thick and doesn't close flat. Working on solution. (Below) Did patch the torn page yesterday.


  1. Part of the beauty of books like this is that they don't close. Fat and full to overflowing artists books are very intriguing.
    Have a look at this artist's approach to the sketchbook:

  2. I think so too. I'm thinking about when it's on the road and thrown in with 1000s of other books! Have you seen one of the photos of the sketchbooks all thrown into a box!? I'd have books sliding into my book pages!
    Oh thankyou-I love that other blog-wow on her use of COLOR!! She sure did cover her pages-fascinating! Now i have to see if you posted today.

  3. Jo & Marge,
    Love this link, and yours too, Jo! Subscribed to follow both. I am learning so much from the artists involved in this, and it's worldwide! Never thought about it when I began, but what a unexpected and delightful adventure. You are ALL doing fantastic work!!! Thanks for sharing your process for us learner bees.