Friday, September 17, 2010


I was wondering today why I've been making the Outermost House so small, tiny even, in these collages? I realized it's the influence of the Sketchbook Project 2011 process & the tiny ark on the final page. (photo)

The mood & sense of the piece changes quite a bit when the house is minimized in the composition. Interesting. I'm bent toward playing that out in these collages. The process is pulling me in that direction. Worked on these today.


  1. These are really quite wonderful. You're right about how the size of the house influences the compositon. With most of them you're telling about the whole of the scene, the house which could be quite large in actuality but is diminished in comparison to the great expanse of sea and sky... like the ark floating on a watery world.

  2. thanks Jo! Just back from Cape! Really quick and imperfect-I usually keep working them but this week-just went at it. So thank you! I like that phrase-'watery world'.