Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sketchbook Project
a record year of rain fall

Noticing some acrylic pages are sticking together-lifting paint off. Will touch up. Experimenting. Thin coat of matte varnish might seal the paint.

2 pg spread-machine stitched 'wind' & waves of pastels into wet acrylics.


  1. Yep, a thin coat of varnish IS the answer. I work with acrylics in my art journals a lot and hate the sticking pages, then discovered varnish. The other solution is cold wax... either an artists grade cold wax or just plain old Johnson's Floor Wax if you have any. Rub on thinly with a bit of old tee shirt.
    I'm starting my Sketchbook and followed your lead and glued pages together to equal 10. I'm using photos of Oregon extending lines with drawings. My book is If You Were Here: Oregon.

  2. Jo-thanks so much for the suggestions! I'll go with the liquitex varnish since i have it.
    I hope you post your progress on the sketchbook-my other friends doing the sketchbook would be very interested. Love the Oregon idea photos and extending the lines. If you were here: Oregon. Great!

  3. I hadn't thought to post my process of doing the sketchbook but I'll consider it. I'm having trouble with the glued pages warping and wrinkling... and I may decide to replace the pages with something I can work with easier.

  4. some people are using double sided tape. I use Yes paste-no wrinkling.
    Glue sticks would work too-they usually do not wrinkle for me..

  5. My two cents: one artist was having trouble with Yes - wrinkling. maybe it's a matter of quantity. Glue sticks work well but usually don't hold up over time I've found. I'm going to try Yes and see what happens!