Thursday, January 16, 2014


A new year!  Time to make a new to-do list. Some are interested in how I do that. So here you go.....

Depending on what is going on at any given time of the year, I change subtitles under the big heading. Currently these work:

creative projects a couple unfinished projects to finish from 2013
art ideas new projects I have a strong  interest* in-will choose best of the best!
house projects new-repairs-purchase  
other to-do's  or 'want' to-do's; misc.
contact people phone, email, text.

 I print to-do list on card stock  
• new sheet filled in weekly  
• separate shopping list
• A simplified home helps!
-furnishings minimal-easy care
-goal not to 'collect'
-drawers/closets - organized/uncluttered
-periodically get rid of unused stuff
This approach of organizing with an intent to accomplish, works for me. 

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