Saturday, June 8, 2013


Nelson and I are always joking around our house that he (being my husband) is a patron of the arts - supportive in a lot of ways!  I have to say it is impressive, heartwarming and astounding even to observe a husband who is super supportive of his wife, an artist. It is not often the case. 

I ran into a lot of sad stories of unsupportive spouses, when I was involved speaking and teaching in the quilt world.
We met a wonderful couple after our final women's class on Saturday. He was a pastor of a large Presbyterian church and his wife, well she did all kinds of creative things and did them really well!  We later got to know her as a jewelry maker, but that's another post.  

Here they are with Marcia after lunch looking at her collaged story book of Ruth.  How refreshing to see the husband equally engaged as his wife, learning the creative process and story from Marcia, the artist.  Yes, another patron of the arts! 

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