Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Actually the inspiration was in the Louvre's museum shops. Yes, plural! 3 glorious shops with great stuff! The book section of the largest shop was really great! What a place to be inspired!!

photo 1 (shot by Martha)
Pyramid w/escalator taking you downstairs to Louvre entrance and great hall with 1st class Museum shops. 

photo 2 ( shot by Martha)
Museum shop window with Mona Lisa books. Her portrait, the museum's pride and joy, without a doubt!

photo 3 
I loved the image on the Couleurs book cover. It reminded me of my Moroccan aerial dye-vat series. 

The circles in this case were painted on squares of newsprint.  Very interesting. I might play with that idea in the studio.

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  1. How did you like the Mona Lisa? I remember that I was rather disappointed when I saw it. Probably have seen it too often on pictures (and there were too many people standing around it). Somehow I seem to like those unexpected pieces in a forgotten corner more then the great famous ones....