Saturday, June 11, 2011

PAGES & POWER CHAIR project Uganda #5

I made progress on the Wordless Book, destined for Uganda. Expect to finish it in a couple days & send it to Brian in Seattle. From there it will go to Uganda.

Brian continues his story by telling about injuring his knees at work.

"I had surgeries on each knee & returned to work. Then took out my back trying to save the knees. While recovering, I again injured my knee. It seemed I had set off a chain reaction. Every time I overused a joint to let another heal, it too went bad."

"The doctors had me tested for all sorts of things, but learned nothing conclusive. They theorize that I have deformed collagen which is the main building block of all connective tissue."

"Over the months I began to use a manual wheelchair. That’s when we began to discover that the pressure on my wrists and shoulders was making more problems. (Insert African trip around here.) The doctors & I eventually decided that only using a power wheelchair would help slow down the deterioration." And there's Brian in his new power chair!

Ahead - tying the stories together.

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