Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Oh may the 8 gates of heaven open.
May the deceased go straight through.
God, may you show your unveiled face to him/her.
May he/she quickly pass over the Hair-Thin Bridge on the back of a sheep. * **

*highlighted words - understood in many places. Some believe you walk over the bridge by yourself.

** Ths is a prayer for the dead found in the folk side of their beliefs. It is used in similar cultures in other parts of the world. The Hair-Thin Bridge is long and razor sharp. Falling off means Hell.

GASPS in the group! "The Hair-Thin Bridge! "

One woman said, "Just yesterday I was crossing the bridge (into town) & thought...I hope I can cross the Hair-Thin Bridge as fast as I go across this bridge today."

Another woman had a recent dream about the Hair-Thin Bridge. "The bridge was so long I could not see the end of it. I thought, how will I ever make it across. But I started walking & went across it very quickley."

My quilt, Terror of the Mistake, was created about 10 years ago. One evening I showed it to my friend, her eyes opened wide, "the Hair-Thin Bridge!" she said. "You must bring this to___. They will love it!" I did & they did love it!

A couple of weeks ago, My friend & I returned to the same part of the world, shared the quilt & heard the comments I shared above.
There was much discussion about this quilt. My friend asked the question, "What kind of sheep could carry a dead person across the Hair-Thin Bridge?" After some thoughtful silence the person slowly said, "A very special sheep."

Photo 1 Though I designed heaven's golden streets, they saw the Hair-Thin Bridge.
Photo 2 Me off to the side, where I like to be, enjoying the presentation.
Photo 3 Touching the Hair-Thin Bridge.


  1. The excitement of each encounter shines through your words & pictures. It's like re-living each day of your trip, without the sleep deprivation!

  2. Well thank you, Marie! Glad to have you along on the journey!

  3. One of those redemptive analogies we are always looking for! Amazing! and beautiful!