Monday, June 6, 2011


No I am not going to Uganda. Nor is my new friend, Brian, who I'm collaborating with on this project.

I met Brian at the Finisher's Forum in Seattle. Brian came to an impromptu redo of the class I taught that morning on Using Art Cross-Culturally for God. He missed my morning workshop but I was thrilled to have an interested audience of 2 guys that afternoon! And wow on that audience!

Brian is a mover and shaker & I was thrilled to have met him. He really liked this Wordless Book. & had something in mind.

Long story short, I'm making him one which will be hand carried to Uganda, not by Brian, but by someone in his fellowship. It will be given as a gift to his Ugandan friend, he met there last year.

More about this unusual partnership & creating the 'book' in the coming posts.

Wordless Book I created & used originally in Russia
• pondering the project-needs to be simple & completed this week
• dark & red pages in progress.