Saturday, June 25, 2011


I don't actually live by the sea but I sort of feel like it when I surround myself with coastal art.

Decided to bring out the Rockport, Massachusetts inspired art quilts this summer.

I think there were 15 in the series when I made them back in...when was that? Whatever! Some sold, some gifted & these 8 are what I have left.

We are enjoying them in our gallery space of a home here in Connecticut.

The oil painting in the top photo, Sea Place, is by Michael Metzger, my painting professor. I have 3 of his paintings for which I traded stoneware hand-built pots & handwoven tapestries I made back in college.

click on the photos to enlarge


  1. Aah,
    the row boats in the bottom picture are mesmerizing. I'm getting a feel for your
    sensibilities, in particular picking up on the kinetic quality. Do you love to dance?

  2. @Kirsten-no on dancing. have you been to Rockport? So inspiring! I should post a photo of what this is about. The seemingly haphazard arrangement is inspired by the dingies that one has an 'aerial' view of from the dock when the tide is way down. plus in those small ones-I was 'playing'.