Friday, June 3, 2011


Scanned & printed one of my coastal collages. It's for the front of a thank you note I'm sending to the extraordinary couple who recently hosted us & friends at their gracious home in the Seattle area.

There was a large framed coastal painting (I'm thinking a print) hanging high up on the wall in their foyer. I recognized it immediately! It was in one of my coastal collages. When we traveled to the Oregon coast years earlier, I collected postcards, travel brochures, tide charts & gallery cards - all with collaging in mind.

This same coastal image was on a gallery card, which I later cut up and used in this collage, titled Beach Fragments. The cut up postcard of the beached dingy is on the right side, around which I designed the rest of the collage.

As I created page after page of coastal collages in the red Kolo Journal, I saved all the cut scraps from each collage. Beach Fragments is made mostly from those fragments.


  1. Absolutely delightful, Marge. I've long admired the idea of using fragments left from other work, be it photographs, paper or fabric.
    Do you know Leslie Riley's Fragments series? You can see some here: Her's are entirely different but the idea is the same.. to make something beautiful from scraps.

  2. Fragments-my heart beats like hers-just so many ideas and not much time gives way to this passion of collaging... and she's selling! A great Albert Camus statement too. Hers remind me of you little Jo series.
    Jo-did you ever get going on selling. I came up with an idea the other day but may never do it! But maybe..... we'll see. Selling is a whole 'nother thing!