Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's been raining here in Connecticut. A lot! These are NOT beach days! My artist friend, Katherine Scott Maghini, bemoans this wet weather with her blog post, Rainy Days and Thursdays. Do take a look!

Although it's not Thursday, it IS raining AGAIN! So Kath, I'm posting these 3 beaches just for you. I'm sure there'll be plenty of summery beach days ahead for you to sit in a beach chair, sipping that iced coffee!

3 from a series of beach inspired quilts I made back in 1988, my first quilts. I designed one quilt block and worked it out in different color-fabric ways.

Marimekko, hand painted & dyed fabrics, rubber stamps, shells & sand dollar. 10' x 14"

Yes, worked on Rahab quilt. Will post progress tomorrow.

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  1. these quilts are wonderful. Next best thing to the hot, sunny days we should be enjoying right now in June!