Friday, June 10, 2011

STITCHING & STORY project Uganda #4

If you missed - scroll back for first 3 story posts of Project Uganda!

I made good progress on the Uganda Project these last 2 days. The 6 pages are almost finished. They just need buttons, sequins & sparkly stuff. Each 'page' is backed with a different African fabric. Then I stitched the 'pages' into an accordion book. Too complicated to explain!

Let's catch up with Brian, finally realizing his dream to go to Africa! Here he is - now in a wheel chair. More about that in next post. Brian continues his story.

"A year before, a gentleman had seen me in a manual wheelchair at a local group. He had a strong calling to find and help the disabled. He invited me to Uganda, I am not sure just why. "

"That was it! The time had arrived for me to go! I was given a few personal connections to help me when I arrived, but basically on my own. How exciting! Just like old times!"

"I spent time visiting a child I sponsor, was introduced to & drew pictures with the African Children’s Choir, toured slums, visited schools founded by one of my friends, hired a boat for a look at Lake Victoria, cruised the Nile surrounded by Crocs & hippos, found the source to that mighty river, got lost in the claustrophobic aisles of the main Kampala market, ate grasshoppers & goat, basically had a great time. I WAS FEELING IT !"

To be continued...

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