Wednesday, March 14, 2012


is there ever enough !?

I was putting the room back together where we hung up the leaning shelves.

Freed up one of the tabletops in the studio by moving the sewing machine into the spare room right by the studio. It's on a game table now. Not sure that will work - not enough table top space.

I can sew the collages in there when I get to that point. We'll see how that goes.

Also moved the extra BFK and other large flat art work in there too.

Figuring out how I can make better use of the table top space. I need areas for painting, drying papers, organizing the painted papers to be able to see what I have while I'm working, glossy picture box, fabric scraps, and of course a working space.

Nelson says, "Do you want to buy another table at IKEA?"


Table top shots while working on the dye vat collages in the studio today.

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