Friday, March 23, 2012


I am posting pictures to show where the natural light comes from in my windowless studio.

I turned the track lighting off and just used the natural light to shoot these photos.

My studio is a loft which over looks the great room. I have no windows but the room is light and airy.

There are 2 skylights over the studio space and 2 more in the great room. Windows in the great room also spill light into my space.

When I'm working up there I turn on the track lighting. All these light sources make my studio light and bright.


  1. I'm glad you coerced Nelson into standing where you wanted him for these pictures. I love looking at art studios and figuring out how they manage. Your small tables (Ikea?) work great. You can move them into all sorts of configurations for different projects.
    I love my tables, too, but they are NOT easy to rearrange. I have to commit and leave it until G. forgets the last time he helped move. Unfortunately, he has a good memory.

  2. IKEA-yes-they do work great! I am always moving them around-great for when my friends come to make art-everyone has their own space. Hope o get another one-I wonder if IKE still makes them? Thanks for commenting-I always enjoy hearing back!