Monday, March 5, 2012


In my studio today

working on painting papers,

cutting squares & circles

and trying different layouts

continuing tomorrow


  1. I see that you CAN make a mess in your studio, Marge... a creative mess. I'm glad you've returned to your Vats series and this new work holds great promise.
    I'm trying to see whats in the paint tubes. Is that watercolor that you use to paint your paper? If so, do you have any problems with the color lifting or running once you start your collage process?

  2. Thanks Jo! Not only is it messy up there but I'm running out of room! Going to set the sewing machine up in the spare bedroom.
    It's acrylics. I'm having fun with this series-starting to relax as i go at it. I think there will be 6 in this series then on to the next. Pasting them on BFK Rives-gray. The paper came UPS today. More work tomorrow.