Thursday, March 22, 2012


I always say that one of my husband's best qualities is being long-suffering.

This comes into play every time I call him out from 'his cave' & away from his computer, to take pictures of me working in the studio.

He likes me to explain clearly with words not hand motions - whatever it is I'm explaining.

Today I said, "stand here," as I pointed to the spot where I wanted him. He headed for the opposite end of the room.

OK. He made his point again!

Nelson's pictures from this morning.


  1. I am laughing because I know from first hand that he also likes someone to explain clearly with words. He does not want you to use "that" or "it". He will say to me. "What is that or it". He would have made a good English teacher. You both are long-suffering.

  2. Thanks Barb! I'm laughing back at your comment. Does it exasperate you, like it does me !!?