Friday, March 16, 2012


A call for some magenta in these collages. So painted papers last week and started putting together a night at the dye-vats.

Little time to work yesterday and today. Been out and about plus engaged in other things but I did put down a collaged background today.

Now I'm at the point of thinking about how to define the dye-vat squares.

Oil Pastels? Stitched lines? Will I put more marks, texture on the circles.
Perhaps circle around the rim with stitching?

I usually make some samples to see how the techniques look. I'll do that next.


  1. I'm glad we get to look at the beautiful colors of the dye vats and don't have to smell them. my friend Anita who leads craft tours to exotic places has been in areas of dye vats and she says they stink terribly.

  2. True, Jo, from what I've heard the smell is pretty bad. I am happy looking at beautiful photos of the vats that friends have taken.