Monday, January 30, 2012


A question from a blog reader:

How do you sort your various colored papers? I see flat boxes in the photo, are these stacked and labeled somewhere in your beautiful studio?

I use cut down cardboard boxes from the supermarket to sort materials, keeping my workspace organized.

If you're interested, these are found at the end of the aisles and hold the cans or jars that came in those boxes. As they empty, they are thrown away.

Currently they've been holding my painted papers, organized by color.

But what about storing the painted papers when they are not in use? I keep it simple.

They come out of the cutdown cardboard boxes and are all stacked in one plastic box. Color on color.

Then back on the shelf along side other boxes, holding all sorts of materials like this box of glossy pictures I use for collage workshops.


  1. Thanks for answering my question, Marge. Am I understanding right, that you keep it all in one big box until you start a project and then you sort papers you might need for the project into the cardboard boxes by color? And when you're done what's left goes back into the big box?
    I do something similar but I'm ourgrowing the box, creating too much painted paper for one container. Maybe I need to buy one huge canvas or panel and use up lots of paper so storage isn't an issue!

  2. Hi Jo, Across the board-I just don't have a lot of 'stuff' ! - be it fabric, paint, etc.
    I keep using up the painted papers with teaching the workshops here or when I have people over to create with me in my space. So I'm painting more as I need them. The box is never overflowing. I use such little pieces in these collages! So yes the pile of painted papers always fits into that box. When I get them out for a project-I put them in the boxes by color and usually pick out some favorites that I want to work into the designs and set them in a special pile.