Friday, January 13, 2012


1/5/12 seminar:
Going Cross-Culture with Art

It's an unusual partnership we have, an artist and a non-artist, collaborating & working so well together.

I've arrived in her part of the world with artwork, mostly quilts, that we've collaborated on & we've treked around sharing them with friends. We've traveled together to the 'back of beyond' to do the story ropes and art presentations with old and new friends.

At home we've been asked to share our combined experiences & know-how with other artists inspired to do the same but not quite sure how to begin. It was like that with our friends up from the city, as I've been sharing in the posts. The group observed there was a natural flowing working relationship between us. It's developed over the years. We've observed from our different working worlds, that it's quite unusual and not the norm.

My friend brought the pink heart along to the seminar. It's an object lesson - about the heart turned to God yet struggling with the old ways. She pulled all kinds of things out of the heart as she had our rapt attention! The heart needs some technical help so I'll be working on it before she uses it again.

photos of us at the seminar

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