Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I thought the snow squares, that I made this week, were sort of all over the place-design wise. Time to eliminate and concentrate. Choose a basic design I liked and go with it.

Remembering the Happy Houses I did back in October, I decided to pursue what happening design-wise in 2, maybe 3 of the wintry scenes. (winter squares in center photo)

Keep the winter sky the main thing. Keep the blanket of snow the same size in each & play with the colorful houses against the snowy day and night time wintry weather.

People think I shop a lot for fabric. NOT! I rarely if ever run out to the store for fabric. I have plenty! In this case, I've been collecting fabric that looks like snow for a couple years now. Last year I worked quite a bit with the wintry collection when I was making the collages for Waiting For More Snow.

I've had these projects in mind for quite a while. All my snow fabric, drawings, and other related materials have been in a box waiting for this moment since last winter.

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  1. I like seeing all the pages spread out like this and hearing about your process.

    I just spent time looking through your Pages (buttons just below your banner) and seeing how you've organized them. Great job. It make searching your blog lots easier for readers.

    I've been struggling today with all my painted paper shuffled together in a big deep drawer. I can't find anything. I think its time to organize by color like you've done.