Friday, January 6, 2012


The day of the seminar, began up in the studio.

My friend and I, having traveled together cross-culturally, talked about 7 narrative quilts. Three of the quilts were shown to groups we met with as we traveled together.

Each quilt engages the viewer through the picture story that flows across the face of the quilt.

This first session was about the power of art that tells a story. After talking about the content of each piece, we also told of the audiences we showed each quilt to and their reactions.

Most discussion centered on the two quilts on the work wall, as seen in the photo. The group stood to get a better look while they listened & asked questions.

previous 2 posts picture the other 5 quilts.
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  1. Marcia,
    I'll tell a bit of the seminar story each day... I know you would have loved being here! A little way to share the day with you and the other peeps!