Saturday, January 7, 2012


After a short break, it was back up to the studio where we went through the how-to of making story ropes.

Simply put this is a story timeline, told with fabrics and other materials. In this case they were challenged to tell their personal journey.

I put out 2 big boxes of scraps, a table top covered with fabrics, plus ribbons, buttons, sequins, yarns, etc.

Look at the guys studying the fabrics, as they rummaged through, choosing specific colors and patterns for their timelines.

"How did it go in other workshops, doing it with guys?" they asked. I had to admit, I had never done it with them before!

Considering this looked to be a new experience for them, working with fabric, they were great sports and did very creative story ropes as you will see ahead !

Next blog post: making the story ropes.

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