Saturday, September 24, 2011


We had come to the end of our time @Movement for African National Initiatives 2011. The dream to pass the story rope on to all the African nations had not happened. It was OK. Not His plan.

It was dinner time, long lines, full tables. Got our food, hunted for a place to sit. 2 guys got up, cleared their dishes, we sat down.

Nelson introduced us to the woman across the table & she introduced herself as Dr. Emily Obwaka, (photo) the Continental Coordinator of the Pan African Christian Women Alliance, an organization passionate about restoring the true dignity and self worth of women who have been victims to gender based violence and abuse. THE opportunity I was hoping for!

"I have something you might be interested in. It's a way for women to tell their stories. I first did it with the genocide survivors in Rwanda. You might be interested, but maybe not."

"Oh but I think I am!" she said. As I rounded the table with my story ropes and cards, Nelson told her it is useful to help in situations of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, spousal abuse and depression. "Now I'm really interested!"

As we talked, she said the healing process has to start with stories & so they've been having the women do drawings of their stories but now they will do story ropes!

She looked at me and said. "This conference has been amazing for networking but something has been missing for me. You are the missing link." And my dream just happened!


  1. I'm SO happy for you, Marge, and for many women in Africa. You could have given up and been sad that your efforts seemed to be in vain, but God had another time and another opportunity for you and Story Ropes. This post has me tearing up in joy for what God has planned.

  2. Love it-just the right appointment

  3. MARCIA-Yes! Looking forward to your stories! YEP!!

    Jo-Thank you! YES! Really amazing-I shared with a lot of people but just not on a continental scale!

    Kirsten-Right on!