Monday, September 19, 2011


"I planted... but God gave the increase." Corinthians 3:6

Before I went to Africa I contacted 9 women, who would be at MANI - Movement of African National Initiatives - 'planting emails' to connect ahead of time. Surely I would meet many more but these 9 would be a good start.

In reading their profiles, I thought these 9 might be interested in using the Story Rope in ministries back in their nations - perhaps even make one with me at the conference. I sure was prepared on that front!

Interestingly enough, I met only 3 of these women and spent very brief time with each, just a quick conversation & handing them the 'OUR STORIES' card with web links to the teaching blog.

So who did I talk to? Mostly very interested male mission & church leaders, who saw the potential of using the story rope back home in their nations, in their work, with their people - for sharing the Good News, in discipleship & in the healing process (photos w/2 bishops & other African leaders.)

It was interesting how differently things worked out than expected..but in the end "God gave the increase." That story will unfold in the next posts.

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