Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My friend, Jane, is from Nairobi, Kenya. She sat next to me all week at MANI*. When Jane saw that she could tell the story of her life using strips of fabric, she wanted to make her own story rope.

As she tied on appropriate patterns & colors to tell her story, she told me about her life. I reminded her that God Wastes Nothing. I'm sure she knew this already but something about those words grabbed her heart & she embraced that truth, making it her own.

Though there were dark strips throughout her rope, representing much pain suffered by her family, there were colorful, bright African fabrics & ribbons between the darks. In making the rope she saw the God of hope in those brightly colored areas and realized that he was always there, even in the dark times.

Early in the week Jane told me that she wondered why she was at MANI but then came the story rope. Now she knew why she was there. It was so she could tell her story when she got back home to Nairobi.

She was so excited about her story rope. For the first time she could 'see' God is in her story & He doesn't waste anything.

Coming...a video of Jane talking about her story rope.

*Continuing to report on our September 2011 trip to Abuja, Nigeria, where we attended the Movement for Africa National Initiatives, invited to come alongside of the Africans as they lead their continent in the Great Commission.