Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It was a good idea. Materials were cut & packaged up to make 70+ story ropes. But it didn't work. Not in a conference venue with full schedule, short breaks, crowded tables, wall to wall sessions, long lines & long days.

One story rope was made at MANI. ONE! Well 2 if you count the woman who sat down at our table at break time and started to make one. I'm not sure she understood what it was all about but she was enjoying the process. (bottom photo)

The one story rope that was made & Jane, who made it...was God's story - the only story I needed to hear. Tomorrow.....

Continuing to report on our September 2011 trip to Abuja, Nigeria, where we attended the Movement for Africa National Initiatives, invited to come alongside of the Africans as they lead their continent in the Great Commission.


  1. I think you'll have to do some more travel:-)

  2. Your turn, Marcia! Lots of photos please-even a video if you can.

  3. What? Those people were too busy. At least you are ready for the next trip. Love you, Becca