Sunday, September 25, 2011


On from Abuja, we traveled to Ibadan where I would do the story ropes on Saturday at my friend, Bisi's church. (top photo)

But the flow was not in the meeting as it always is. Why was that? Just a few made story ropes & shared, like the young woman in the bottom photo.

As I had some distance from the event, I realized why. I failed to send the guidelines that I set up for venues in Rwanda that worked wonderfully. I never thought about it being a large group.

So here is a teaching moment:

1. Limit the group to 12-15 women.

2. Seat everyone in a circle or around a table.

3. No taping or videoing of the session.

I learned something else on this trip. When using highly patterned African fabrics, it's good to add in colored ribbons. Also make a story rope of my life using the same materials I am providing for them.

Once again, my experience was a learning experience. There is always something to learn.

The joyful woman in this photo, came up to me after the story rope session,

"This was meant just for me.
You are here because of the Holy Spirit."

Maybe she was right.
Flow or no flow,
I was there for just for her.

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