Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I've been making postcards of my artquilts since 1997. This week I sorted through them to see the inventory.

When traveling I always bring some postcards to hand out. Well make that 100's ! lt's some of the art that I pack in my suitcase.

I've handed them out in Eurasia, Asia, Africa, Pacific Rim & when new & old friends come to visit me on home turf, they leave with cards too! I figure my postcards have migrated all over the world by now!!

I'll be speaking in Boston & Seattle coming up. Maybe it's time to make a new card.

3 places - postcards
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After teaching design at the Yunnan Institute of Art, students are waiting to have me sign their Creation quilt postcards. The Creation quilt was one I was exhibiting at the art insititute.
Sitting on a bench at University Camp after sharing the stories of 4 quilts. One of the children is holding her postcard of Good News by God, a quilt they saw in the presentation. Everyone was given the postcard.
I handed out Rwanda quilt postcards after leading the forgiveness & reconciliation workshop with trainers from western Rwanda and Congo. The women were leaders who would teach what they had learned - in their villages back home. I gave them extra cards for their classes.


  1. I love my cards from you! They're sitting beside my computer to remind me of my friend on the other side of the continent. It's a good idea to have cards to give to people who will treasure them.
    I have a large collection of gallery cards which remind me of the wonderful art I've seen over the years. Sometimes artists may wonder at the expense of publishing art cards to be given away but not me. It's worth every penny.

  2. thanks Jo-so glad you are enjoying them. There's a bunch of reasons I hand them out-but whatever the reason-they're always appreciated. They really don't cost that much. i usually get 1000 at a clip from Modern Postcard. I want to get some business cards made but think I'll wait till I do this next project-a quilt.